Some basic rules for playing badminton

How to Play Badminton?

Nowadays, many people prefer to play different games and sports so that they can enhance their knowledge about various games and sports. You might have heard about Badminton which is one of the most famous sports since the 16th century. It can be played indoors and outdoor as it includes 2 to 4 players with a shuttlecock and badminton rackets. The Pinnacle of Badminton came from the Olympic events that made it popular across the world.

Badminton is mainly popular in Asian countries such as India and China, producing many world’s best players for this sport. Many people prefer to play Badminton as it helps them greatly impact their health and fitness. When people opt for playing Badminton, they must grab some basic info about it. It will help them have a great impact on their knowledge and allows them to experience wonderful gameplays.

It is a must for people to learn badminton rules before connecting with the world of playing this game. Rules play a major role while playing any game, and if you pay attention to the major rules, it will allow you to have a great impact on their playing skills.

Rules for Playing Badminton

Rules of badminton
  • The people who prefer to play Badminton then they must pay attention to its rules. This game can take place between two (singles) and 4 (doubles) players. Badminton’s official match takes place indoors on the proper Court dimensions, and basically, the dimensions are 6.1 meters by 13.4 meters.
  • A net is also there, situated through the middle of the Court and set at 1.55 meters. If players want to score a point, then the shuttlecock must hit within the parameters of the opponent’s Court. When you hit the shuttlecock and hit the net and land in your Court, a point will be added to your opponent’s side.
  • For the people who get engaged in Badminton, it is a must for them to serve diagonally across the net. When the game gets started, the serving stations for shuttlecock move from one Court to another, and there is no second serve, so the players must pay attention to their first serve if they want to continue the match.
  • If the first serve goes out, then a point is awarded to the opponent player. Players must serve underarm and below the waist, and no overserve is allowed. When the game takes place, it starts with a toss to determine which player will start with the first serve.
  • Once the shuttlecock hits from one Court to another, the players can move around the Court as they can move according to the positions where the shuttlecock enters. If players touch the net either by any of their body parts or by the Racket, it is deemed a fault, and a point will be added to the opponent.
  • If players try to distract their opponents by using the shuttlecock and catch it in the racket and then flunk, it is also considered a fault. In the badminton rules, it is declared that shuttlecock will be hit twice, and if players will try to hit it more than two times, then it is against the laws of Badminton.
  • A Badminton game is umpired by the referee on a high chair who keeps the proper eye on all the shots that players make; Line judges are also there who monitors the shuttlecock land in or not and helps the referee to make his decision about the fault or not.
  • If any unforeseen or accidental circumstances arise, then it is called by the referee, the circumstances like shuttlecock getting stuck in the bet, one player was not being ready, server serving out of turn, etc.
  • The game only has two rest periods which are 90 seconds rest after the first game and 5 minutes rest after the second game. If the player keeps breaking the rules and laws of Badminton, the referee holds the power to get that player out of the game or deduct his points. Once you complete reading the information mentioned above, it will help you enhance your knowledge about the various badminton rules that will allow you to experience great gameplay. Usually, people don’t pay attention to the major rules while playing Badminton, due to which they face problems, but once they consider the above points, then it will be easy for them to learn the major rules and to have wonderful gameplay. Try to stay focused if you don’t want to face any queries while playing Badminton and want a clear view of all the game rules.

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