The history of the baseball game and its rule

How to play baseball

It is a game played by the two opposing teams. Each of the teams consists of 9 players. When a team goes for batting and the other goes for fielding. The game is in progress when a fielding team player who is called pitcher throws the ball and a batting team player hits with the help of a bat, he is called the batter.

The area of the baseball is around 3 acres or 14864 meters square. The duration of baseball depends on several factors but normally it can be said that generally, the game lasts for 3 hours. In baseball sports, there are 9 innings.

They get the chance of 3 times, after that the play is declared out. When the pitcher throws the ball overhand to the batter, the game starts. The player scores the run by running around the four bases moving in a counter-clockwise direction. The rules of the game vary from series to series. There are a minimum of four umpires and a maximum of 6. The baseball field is termed a baseball diamond. The names of the four bases are home plate, first base, second base, third base. The perimeter of the baseball is 3 inches in diameter. The catcher stands behind the batter and he wears extra padding in their gloves, leg guards, body pad.

History of baseball

Baseball came from the country of America and it was discovered by Abner Doubleday in Newyork in It is believed that the first organized baseball game was played in New Jersey.

The terms associated with baseball

  • Battery: two baseball players are included. They are catcher and pitcher
  • Fly ball: the player hits the ball high into the air
  • Foul play: when the player hits the baseball outside the Fairplay field
  • Grounder: when the player hits the ball on the field
  • Pinch hitter and pinch runner: a substitute baseball hitter is called a pinch batter and the substitute baseball runner is referred to as a pinch-runner.
  • Load the bases: when a base runner is on three bases
  • Lead runner; the first base runner when there is another runner available on the bases.

The rule and regulations of baseball

Basic Baseball Rules
  • Once the batting order is arranged, it cannot be changed until the game ends. Substitute players are allowed.
  • The fielding team position consisted of catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, and the three outfielders positioned at left field, center field, and right field.
  • Players can be disqualified for strikeout which means if the batsman fails to hit the ball three times or force out which means when a player is not successful in making the base before the defensive player or fly out or tag out (when the runner is being touched by the defensive player with the ball or a glove with ball).
  • After the ending of nine innings, if the match is tied, the additional innings will be arranged for choosing the winner.

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