Some important rules on how to play football

Basic football rules

You might have seen many people getting involved in playing various sports, and one of them is Soccer, which is another name for Football. Many people prefer to play this sport because it is interesting and helps people grab wonderful opportunities while playing. It is considered the oldest sport globally, and many people easily recognized it as it seems to be entertaining.

The international games in Soccer come in the form of the International World Cup that motivates people to play this sport. Soccer also includes major tournaments such as Copa America, Euro Championships, and the African Cup of Nations. In the domestic world, Football comes with various league matches such as England (English Premier League), Germany (Bundesliga), Spain (La Liga), and Italy (Serie A).

In different parts of the world, this sport is recognized with different names, which is why it is known as Football and Soccer. Many people are not aware of the various soccer rules due to which they fail to play it. Once the people learn about all the major rules applicable for playing Soccer, it will be easy for them to deal with this sport. If you want to learn about all the major rules for playing Soccer, you can stay connected.

Rules for Playing Soccer

How to play football

When people opt for playing Soccer, they need to learn about the major rules for playing this sport. To better understand the major rules for playing Soccer, you can stay focused and consider the points mentioned below.

  • Under this sport, a match is consists of two halves of 45 minutes with 15 minutes of break. It allows players to get a proper rest time period when they get tired while running and moving here and there.
  • In this game, two teams are available, and each team can have a minimum number of 11 players, including one goalkeeper who is only allowed to handle the ball within the area of the 18-yard box, and seven players are required to start the game and others are the substitutes.
  • The field where Soccer is played is either made of artificial grass or natural grass, and the size of the pitch is allowed to be 100 to 130 yards long and 50 to 100 yards wide.
  • The ball used for playing Soccer must have a circumference of 58 to 61 cm and should be in a circular shape. If the ball is not circular, then it is not considered as the ball for playing Soccer.
  • Each team has seven substitutes, and they can be used at any time and at a time; three substitutes are used per team. If any player tries to use more than three substitutes, they cannot do so.
  • One of the most important soccer rules is that each team must include one referee and two assistant referees who will perform their duties by providing proper decisions regarding the fouls and other misfortunes.
  • Sometimes game requires extra time to head by both the teams; then, the match is extended for 30 minutes for two halves of 15 minutes after the allotted 90 minutes of the time period. If the teams are still leveling up, then a penalty shootout occurs for them, and if the ball goes out of the goal line, it is constituted as a goal.
  • When any foul takes place, then two types of cards take place that is yellow and red. The yellow card indicates the warning, whereas the red card indicates the dismissal of the player.
  • If you talk about the cards, then two yellow cards are equals to one red card, and if a ball goes out of the opponent’s side, it simply gives one team a throw which indicates that the opposition party will receive the goal.
  • The entire concept of Soccer playing and making goals depends upon the kicking of the players that they make while performing their job of playing Soccer. Each team is required to perform well as without paying proper attention, they don’t get a chance to make a better move or grab wonderful results.

The people who are not aware of the major soccer rules must pay attention to the information mentioned above. It will help you to increase your knowledge about the major rules of playing Soccer and motivate you to get involved in playing this sport. The people who love to play Soccer, then the above information will be very beneficial for them as it will help them to learn about all the major rules that take place while playing this sport. Try to stay focused so that you can better understand the entire concept of rules used for playing Soccer.  

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